Live on Talk Shop Live

The band had a great performance, an in-depth interview and sold some records on Talk Shop Live.

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Check out the full video here.

Soft Machines

Hide and Shine’s debut album released today, June 7, 2024.

Hide and Shine Soft Machines Album Cover

As legend has it, this record started as a “psychic download” of 50 song ideas. A fantasy about having Steve Albini mix the album became a shocking and wonderful reality.

The music is being described as “Genre Fluid,” “UAP (Unidentified Audio Phenomena)” and “Artdeathcountryindiealternativerock.”

The next album is already underway.

Steve Albini

May 08, 2024 — If the duty in this life is to do good work, and help others do good work before we leave, Steve Albini clearly did the right thing. He is leaving behind a stellar legacy of truly outstanding work. We are SO grateful that we had the privilege of working with him before he parted. It’s always strange and unsettling when the good ones go too soon. Let’s all spend a week listening ONLY to his recordings. Play it as LOUD as you can stand it. Let’s send him off with raucous sounds and big black memories.

Missing Subliminal Message

This was supposed to be recorded as a soft, subliminal message in Mindless Apparition—track #7 on Hide and Shine’s debut Soft Machines:

In a metal cage on a sunny day, I begged them please—might I again be a useful slave? I’ve been faithful but for that one mistake—those thoughts I had while bathing in the real mountain stream. Electrical dreams don’t always satisfy the hungry human specter. But I promise… I promise… I retched all that is real, forcibly from from my heart. We can restart.


I just listened to Kashmir (it’s been a while). It’s pure evil. It’s truly heavy. It’s just one scrawny guitar. Somehow the combination of beat, drone, Mellotron(?) and Celtic magic evokes an image of trudging forever across the dessert, camels and minds bearing heavy loads, not knowing where we are going, but certain it will be better than where we came from. Heavy.

Debut Album Coming Soon

Hide and Shine Soft Machines Album Cover

This fourteen song debut release will hit on June 7, 2024. It is a fine collection of moody, energetic, esoteric art-death-country-alternative songs. Recorded in Kingston/Rhinecliffe NY and mixed by Steve Albini at Chicago’s Electrical Audio.

Master Shadow/Mistress Reflection

Master Shadow speaks to me
I hear his whisper
It’s brighter than you think
It makes me drink
From the fountain
From the spring
Wherever Shadow leads
I will follow
Into the town
Into the hollow

When I arrive
She is there
Madame Reflection
She knows who we are
In which direction we will go
In search of tomorrow
Or in the past’s serene sorrow
When she reveals 
I may seek
To run retreat
Or step in deeper

Master Shadow
Mistress Reflection
Make mistakes
Make corrections
Show me darkness
Give me light
One by day
One by night
In the gutter
In moth wing’s flutter
Lamplight’s son
Mirror’s daughter 

The Tribes of New York

A green wilderness I once lived in
Picked anon and lush all over
It carried cubs through seasons tried
Into a ragged winter of their lives

Was it a windfall or a huntsman’s bait
That led us to the city’s edge
We heard the calling of the Island tribes
That made our wild seem second

The river forded icy fears awoke
Realized the past is damaged
A new beast awakened in the hearts
As in the new tents a pact is made

Never are you to return your love
To the gentle tribes across the water
Into this slow massacre you will submit
The blood scored palms are sealed as one