Master Shadow/Mistress Reflection

Master Shadow speaks to me
I hear his whisper
It’s brighter than you think
It makes me drink
From the fountain
From the spring
Wherever Shadow leads
I will follow
Into the town
Into the hollow

When I arrive
She is there
Madame Reflection
She knows who we are
In which direction we will go
In search of tomorrow
Or in the past’s serene sorrow
When she reveals 
I may seek
To run retreat
Or step in deeper

Master Shadow
Mistress Reflection
Make mistakes
Make corrections
Show me darkness
Give me light
One by day
One by night
In the gutter
In moth wing’s flutter
Lamplight’s son
Mirror’s daughter 

Moon Tells All

In tune with the weight of the moon
Even in the morning there is light
A way to pass into the realm of waves
If I stare hard into the twisted shapes
Sense can be made of a day
Sense can be derived from a universe of misalignment
Turn the malformed mass on its side
A new birth awaits every solitary station
Look into the eyes of a statue
A soul is frozen in every stone
Look deep into the eye of dear moon
She is telling us we’re not quite alone
She is telling us there is solace in cyclical motion
Telling us the story of all incantations
That the bright shines behind our eyes

Interstellar Saviors

In the middle of the morning
At the start of a day
I saw the beaming lights of distant
Loving people finding long waves
From celebrated corners of the fairest stellar side
They came to give us pleasant dreams
Came to help us find
In those beams of blistered vision
Pulling up to heaven
There was no resistance from the lambs
Floating into mother ship’s wombs
Landing in new feet again
This is the future we had dreamt
A utopia of science and emotion
The religion of standing still
And the blasphemy of angry will
Sent this vessel first to extinguish
Now to experience a wandering flight
Into what was once considered night
Now it’s seen as it unfolds
To be a long story not yet told
Our insignificant stance in the infinite dance
Of matter and importance none
The energetic transfer all to one
In magnetics we find solitude
Or disperse into a wash of atomic color
I await this coming wave
An invasion of the norm
The mighty ships of pirates
Arrive to free the earthly slaves.

The Secret Inversion

Some days I’m inspired by everything I see in this town. It’s mayhem of beauty. I hear in every sound the ring of perfection. When the sun hits it right, the magic explodes into fractal macabre of color. Intensity, androgyny, moral decapitation, inconsequential activity congealing in one great masterpiece of form, function and majesty.

Many have seen the alternate inversion, equally sublime in darkness. To live here, you must share the secret. At the same time, keep the secret deep in hiding, lest the light escape and burn the eyes of the infidel. Protect it well warriors. Your reversible image is not for all. It may be misunderstood.


Butterfly on Black

What is this little blinking butterfly of light?
That appears before my eyes
It does not come at night
Only when the Spring or Winter days are bright

I come indoors and there it is
Following my gaze, obstructing, distracting
With its wings ghostly pulses
Translucent and amazing
Absorbed when looking into white
Yet proudly dancing upon the darker surfaces

She will never let me look directly at her
Darting just aside as I try to focus
Does anyone else see her?
What other apparitions of beauty am I deceived by?